How will your business be affected?


The Queensland State Government is seeking to amend the Holidays Act 1983 to create an additional public holiday for Easter Sunday in Queensland.

A new public holiday for Easter Sunday 2017 and onwards, will impose significant additional costs on small business and the Queensland economy through increased wage rates as a result of penalty rate loadings.

For example penalty rate loadings for retail workers will increase from 200% to 250%, and for hospitality workers it will increase from 175% to 250%. For more information on the penalty rate increases please click here.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ), MGA Independent Retailers (MGA), the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) and Clubs Queensland (CQ) are conducting this survey to examine how the proposed change will impact on small businesses in Queensland

Your participation will ensure we accurately reflect your views in our submission to the Queensland Legislative Assembly, as well as public hearings throughout the consultation process.

When completing this survey, where you are uncertain about exact figures, please provide your best estimate.

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