We could use your feedback - please take this quick 3 minute survey!

GreenLynx is so excited we found a store to call home! We are opening our reclaimed lumber & building materials store in August on Santa Rosa Ave in Santa Rosa! We'll happily receive and sell the types of materials listed currently in our marketplace. We plan to also sell upcycled products from local artisans as well as building supplies needed to complete a project in a sustainable manner. We'd appreciate your feedback on this survey to help us determine how to best serve our community.

* 1. How often do you think you will shop at the GreenLynx retail store?

* 2. How often do you think you will drop materials off for reuse at the GreenLynx retail store (instead of sending them to landfill)?

* 3. What hours are you most likely to shop/drop off at GreenLynx on weekdays?

* 4. What hours are you most likely to shop/drop off at GreenLynx on weekends?

* 5. What days of the week are you most likely to shop at GreenLynx? (check all that apply)

* 6. Are you interested in buying ecologically responsible building supplies (such as glues, paint, gloves etc) at our new store to help green your projects? If so, please rank each option below in order of importance to you.

* 7. Upcycled products are made from reclaimed materials. What type of upcycled products made by local craftspeople and artists would be of interest to you?

* 8. What type of reclaimed materials are you interested in?

* 9. Do you create upcycled items yourself that we could stock in the store?

* 10. Tell us more about you. I am/work for a: