* 1. Which of the following best describes your role in the OpenStack community? (select all that apply)

* 2. Have you previously attended the Women of OpenStack networking events at any of these Summits: Portland, Hong Kong or Atlanta?

* 3. How many OpenStack Summits have you attended?

* 4. Do you plan to attend the November 2014 OpenStack Summit in Paris?

* 5. If you are unable to attend the November Summit in Paris please describe any barriers that prevent you from attending.

* 6. If you are attending the November Summit in Paris would you be interested in participating in a working session to define the blueprint for the Women of OpenStack group?

* 7. Please rate and provide feedback on the following categories. What areas would you like the Women of OpenStack group focusing efforts upon? Rate your enthusiasm with the scale below.

  I don’t think this is applicable to our group (0) Poor; I’d prefer we don’t spend time with focused efforts in this area (1) Fair; Honestly, this area is not super exciting to me (2) Good; I’d support efforts here (3) Excellent; I would love to see a focus here (4)
Educational/technical workshops for women
Community and education for students (elementary through college)
Speaking opportunities
Career planning
Events with speakers specific for women
Mentoring or coaching (woman-to-woman or with men)
Leadership training
Communication about women in tech
Monetary sponsorship or investment for women in tech

* 8. Are there any Women focused Tech groups that you feel could be valuable for the Women of OpenStack to network or collaborate with in some form? Please list any recommended groups and share your connection with each.