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CorelDRAW Workshops

Sign Africa Live is running a series of In-depth skills development CorelDRAW workshops. Please participate in a quick survey and give us feedback on the topics you want us to cover.

• Survey deadline: 19 May 2020

Thank you for participating in our survey!

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* 1. Would you be interested in a beginner course for CorelDRAW?

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* 2. What would you be interested in?

• Please select workflow or output or both.
• Please select your level beginner, intermediate or advanced for each topic on the left that you are interested in.

Online tools, working remotely
Artwork preparation
Vehicle wrapping
Image editing
Wide format digital printing
Textile Printing
Personalising architectural spaces

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* 3. Would you be interested in any other topics?

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* 4. Can we contact you with more details of the Workshop?

If yes, please supply your contact details

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* 5. Sign Africa has online advertising opportunities available, would you like a sales consultant to contact you?

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