The Australian Government’s working group on audio description has put three options on the table for the delivery of audio description on Australian television. We can advocate for just one delivery option, or a combination. As all three options have pros and cons, we really want to hear from you about your preferences so we can share these views with the working group. As two of the three options rely on use of the internet or smart phones, we would also like to get a sense of how comfortable people are with using these platforms. Thank you very much for your input on this important issue. Your assistance will ensure that we have the information we need to advocate effectively for audio description on Australian television into the future.

* 1. Your Age Group:

* 2. What is your level of vision?

* 3. Have you experienced any of the following? (You can check as many as you like):

* 4. Do you think Australia’s public broadcasters should provide audio description on free-to-air TV regardless of the delivery option the Government recommends?

* 5. Thinking about what you like to watch, of the categories below which content do you think is enhanced most by audio description? Please list your choices in order of preference (with 1 as the highest):
Arts and Culture
Children's programs

* 6. Your internet use: How often do you use the internet?

* 7. Devices you use:
Do you use a smart phone?

* 8. If no, would you be prepared to use a smart phone if this would provide you with greater access to audio description?

* 9. Do you own a television set?

* 10. Do you use a computer?