Dates: Fri-Sun, November 17 - 19, 2017. See full details at our Web site.
Please note that you must postal mail your check with a deposit of $100 per person to:
The Texas Toot, c/o Danny Johnson, PO Box 4328, Austin TX 78765

Your registration is valid when your check is received. Deposits are refundable until Oct 25.

* 1. Please provide your contact information:

* 2. Housing preference:

* 3. If you chose Dorm-style Housing:
Camp Hearn is the new dorm-style housing.  If you were used to staying at Windham, Hearn is your new home base!  Each selection below shows the per-person, per-night price for the various options. All Hearn housing is "bring your own linens" -- nothing is supplied except a mattress. If you choose anything other than "single", list your preferred housing partner(s) in the box below.
Note: The Dormitory "family rate" is for actual families, not groups of friends.

* 4. If you chose Motel-style Housing:
Choose your preferred housing below. Each selection shows the per-person, per-night price (now final). If shared, list your preferred housing partner(s) in the box below.
Notes: Fair Village prices are much higher than in previous years; please read carefully.
Motel-style housing must be reserved by October 25!

* 5. Meals:
The meal plan is $62 and covers Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. How many meal plans do you need (for yourself and any non-participants coming with you)?

* 6. Please list non-participants who will be coming with you to the Toot:

* 7. Tuition, Discounts, etc.:
Tuition for the full weekend is $195 per participant; early registration (by Oct 18) is only $170.
We offer a tuition discount of $10 to anyone who is a current member of ARS (American Recorder Society), VdGSA (Viola da Gamba Society of America), EMA (Early Music America), or another early music society.
We also have a Bring-a-Friend discount: if you invite someone who has never been to the Texas Toot, and they actually attend, you will get a 20% tuition discount!
Please choose all that apply to you...

* 8. Please indicate which instrument(s) you will bring to the Toot, and rate your ability on each.

  Beginner Low Intermediate Can perform in public Semi-pro Pro / Advanced N/A - none
Recorders (list which ones below)
Viols / other bowed strings (list which ones below)
Harp or lute (tell which below)
Double reeds (shawms, dulcian, krummhorn - tell which below)
Voice (list voice part below)

* 9. Applicants will receive detailed information about classes, housing, transportation, and more in mid-November. How would you like to receive this info?

* 10. Support the Toot!
The Texas Toot is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, meaning that all financial contributions are fully tax-deductible. If you would like to donate to the Texas Toot scholarship fund and/or operating budget, please list your donation amount and purpose in the comment box below (and please include your donation in your deposit check).