The FDAP website is now 13 years old. In human years, that's approximately 1,950 years old. In other words, ancient. While we add content and update articles and pages, the basic format, the design, and the scope of the content have not changed since 2003, i.e. back when there was no Facebook, The Apprentice had not aired yet, and the core of the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series winning roster was still in middle school. In the coming year, we will be looking to move the website to an easier to maintain platform and at the same time we will update the content, appearance, and functionality of the website. 

In order to assess what changes to make, we seek the input of our website users. With that in mind, we please ask you to complete this survey, the results of which we will use to steer the updating of the FDAP website. We greatly appreciate your time and input. Please complete the survey by March 24, 2017. Thanks!