Determining Soil Health Research Priorities

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Please complete the survey below to rate potential soil research projects for the Kenai Peninsula.  Your participation is anonymous.

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* 1. Please rate each of the following soil research topics on a rating scale of 1-5, where 1 is ‘not at all important’ and 5 is ‘very important.’  Listing of research topics below are in no particular order.

  Not at all important Slightly important Moderately important Very important Extremely important
Comparison of rotating feeding and supplement sites on rangeland/pasture soil health (nutrients) versus stationary sites.
Investigate the effectiveness of biochar as a soil amendment.
Comparison of cover crop methods to improve vegetable production.  (Planting cover crops before or after main crops, intercropping, etc.)
Investigating applications for use of raw fish waste on small-scale farms.  (Establishing nutrient ratios and dilution rates for utilizing fresh liquid fertilizer that is high in nitrogen (N) and investigating appropriate uses for remaining solids)
Determining minimal effective liming rates and pH levels for hay and pasture (cost efficiency).
Comparison of finished compost as a soil amendment versus unfinished raw composting materials.
Determining best management practices for improving soil fertility and structure on newly cleared fields.  Possibilities include soil amendments (brewery waste) and plantings (forage beets, daikon radish, and etc.)
High Tunnel: Investigating the feasibility of warming and aerating soil with buried perforated pipe and a small fan (cycling air from the upper levels of the high tunnel).
High Tunnel: Regional assessment of salt build up in high tunnels and best practices for managing salts.