CFA Southern Region Annual

We would like to know what you are INTERESTED in. Knowing your interests (or lack there of) will help us make informed decisions as to how to proceed (or not) when it comes time to make those decisions.

* 1. How many Annuals have you attended in the past?

* 2. What are your favorite things about the annual?

* 3. Would you rather put the majority of region funds towards a Hospitality Night or Delegate Bag?

* 4. Do you keep your delegate bag when you leave the Annual?

* 5. What things would you like to see in the delegate bag?

* 6. Would you prefer to receive individual items from clubs or have a pool of funds available to provide consistent quality of gifts that won't be duplicated (i.e. 4 pens etc).

* 7. What would be your ideal hospitality function?

* 8. Should the event be planned for Friday night, what would your preference be?