Regional Show

We would like to know what you are INTERESTED in. Knowing your interests (or lack there of) will help us make informed decisions as to how to proceed (or not) when it comes time to make those decisions.

* 1. How do you get the information of what is happening in the Southern Region? (choose as many as apply)

* 2. For the selection(s) made above, how frequently to you check back to the sources of information you use?

* 3. Do you feel like it is important to have a cat show in conjunction with the regional awards banquet?

Not Important At All
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 4. Do you plan to attend:

* 5. What is the primary reason you choose to attend the show only, and not the banquet?

* 6. And the primary reason should you choose to attend the banquet only, and not the show?