Privacy Identity Protection (PIPS)

This can be your Data Privacy Guard!

The problem: data breaches and leakage of your personal information when using the Internet.

PIPS offers enhanced privacy protection based on two main services:
a. Data privacy awareness - be privacy savvy and understand the risks to your personal data when using social media in particular and internet in general; 
b. Data breach support - have experts available to you if you suspect that your data has been stolen, manipulated or compromised.

What do you get with PIPS?

- A smart phone app with privacy awareness and education regularly delivered to you;
- Customized one-to-one advice from privacy and internet professionals;
- Access to an online privacy platform with non-password-based authentication.

Note: To help us fine tune these solutions please respond to this survey. The survey is 100% anonymous, however if you decide to share your email we will provide you with the survey results.

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* 1. When you are online, in what situation do you feel your privacy is most vulnerable?

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* 2. What do you feel would be the best way to protect your privacy online?

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* 3. What worries you the most?

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* 4. How important are each of the following actions in terms of protecting the personal data that you as a consumer voluntarily provide online?
Please choose the most important factor for you!

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* 5. How frequently do you have concerns about your online privacy and data security?

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* 6. Would you be willing to pay for a monthly subscription service for additional privacy data protection service if a trusted third party offered this to you as a paid service?

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