Peak Pulmonary - Founded with a focus on improving a person’s quality of life

* 1. As a patient being seen at Peak, how satisfied are you with our service?

* 2. How would you describe the ease of scheduling an appointment at Peak Pulmonary?

* 3. How would you describe the respiratory therapist that performed your test?

* 4. How likely are you to refer Peak’s services to a friend?

* 5. How do you feel about the length of your appointment?

* 6. Are you satisfied with educational component of your appointment?

* 7. Have you heard of Peak’s other services before? (pulmonary function testing, respirology consultations, allergy testing and consultations, sleep apnea assessment and consultations, internal medicine specialist consultations)

* 8. What location were you seen at today?

* 9. What do you like about Peak the most?

* 10. What are some things you’d like to see Peak provide in the future?