1. UCO Funeral Service Education Graduate Survey

100% of survey complete.

Would you please assist us with program improvement by answering the following brief questions. Your input is valuable and appreciated.

* 1. Please provide your name and graduation year.

* 2. Are you currently working in a funeral home? If so, what is your main function in the funeral home?

* 3. Name and address of the funeral home and FDIC

* 4. Please rate the following as it relates to your experience at UCO with the Funeral Service Department:
(based on a scale from 1 to 5, 1 being Poor and 5 being Excellent)

  1 (poor) 2 3 4 5 (excellent)
Quality of funeral service education at UCO.
Satisfaction with your field of employment.
Quality of teaching.
Opportunity for interaction with faculty.
Opportunities for interaction with other students.
Quality of library holdings for funeral service.
Quality of computer support for the department.
Quality of facilities in the department.
Availability of courses for your program of study.
Rate job placement.

* 5. Would you recommend UCO to prospective students?

* 6. Please provide us with your email address.

* 7. How can UCO be of service to you as an alumnus?

* 8. Thank you for your response. Do you have any additional comments for us?