Discussion group registration form

The Bluff Hill Motupohue Environment Trust invites you to join one of our “What Next” discussion groups.

All participants will receive a $40 grocery voucher.

These meetings are to help us understand what was said in the “What Next” postcard survey.  The information from the discussion groups will help the Trust and our partners to plan for the future of Bluff’s environment.

You don’t have to be an expert to come along.

In fact the Trust wishes to hear from as many people as possible – there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.  An independent person will run the meetings to ensure everyone has the chance to talk freely.

·         Location: The Bluff Ambulance Hall on Lee Street

·         Session Date and Times:
   Wednesday 7th November - 5:30pm 
   Thursday  8th November - 5:30pm
   Friday 9th November - 1pm
   Saturday 10th November - 9:00am
   Monday 12th November - 5:30pm

Sessions will be about 2 hours in length.  Tea/coffee and nibbles will be provided.  

·         Details: Each session will consist of about 10 people.  They will be run by Liana Stupples on behalf of the Bluff Hill Motupohue Environment Trust.  Liana is an independent and experienced meeting facilitator.


·         Personal Details: To ensure we have a good cross section of people from across the community, attached is a form which asks for your contact details and some personal information. Providing the personal information is optional.

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