City of Niles
Community Needs Assessment Survey

Over the next five years, the City of Niles anticipates receiving $1.6 million in US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant funds to serve the needs of the community and local low to moderate income residents.  The City is now seeking input about the best ways to serve the community with these funds.  
Please make a difference by completing this survey.

* 1. Compared to 5 years ago, how would you rate Niles?

* 2. Have you ever needed assistance, wanted to change something and/or address a problem in Niles?

* 3. Who have you contacted, or, who would you contact, to ask for assistance or to change/address a problem in Niles?

* 4. Are you aware of the following services, organizations or opportunities? (please select all that apply)

* 5. Please rate the following needs in our community:

  Very Low/No Need Low Need Moderate Need High Need Critical Need
Street/Road Improvements
Sidewalk Improvements
Hazardous Materials Abatement (Lead, Asbestos, etc.)
Handicap Accessibility Improvements
Street Lighting
Wayfinding Signage
Water/Sewer Upgrades
Shared Public Spaces
Parks and Recreation Upgrades
Removal of Abandoned or Deteriorating Buildings or Structures
City-Wide Trash Removal 

* 6. What services are the most important to you?

  Unimportant Somewhat Important Important Very Important Critically Important
Senior Services
Youth Center
Early Childhood Education Programs
After School and Summer Programs
Education Alternatives
Services for Persons with Disabilities
Employment Training
Housing Counseling/Foreclosure Prevention
Personal Finance Counseling
Access to Fresh and Healthy Foods
Crime Prevention
Summer Parks Program
Diversity/Cultural Programs
Fair Housing Programs
Code Enforcement
Fire Prevention

* 7. Are these services/facilities needed in Niles?

  Low/No Need Some Need Moderate Need High Need Critical Need
Youth Center
Homeless Shelter/Drop-in Center
Early Childhood Education Center
Career Training Facility
Veteran's Service Center
Soup Kitchen
Welcome Center
Additional Cultural Destinations (museums, parks, theaters, etc.)
Housing Vouchers (Choice, Section-8, Veteran's)
Michigan Department of Human Services Office

* 8. What would help grow/expand the local economy?

  Very Low/No Need Low Need Moderate Need High Need Critical Need
Workforce Development Services: Job Training Programs, Job Development, Job Placement Services
Expanded Affordable or Subsidized Housing 
Development or Expansion of Cultural, Art and/or Public Gathering Spaces
Incentives for Business Development, Start-Up Loans, Gap Financing
Expansion of Recreation Opportunities

* 9. How affordable is housing in Niles?

* 10. What is your age?