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Primary Research Group, Inc., a publisher or surveys, monographs and research reports, is publishing an international survey on academic & research library purchasing practices of scholarly and technical journals.

We invite you to participate in our survey by filling out the survey form in exchange for a free pdf copy of the report when it is published. Your institution will be listed as a contributor but all the information that you provide is absolutely confidential; all data is amalgamated in a statistical package; no data is presented for individual institutions. The report will enable your library to compare its procurement, collection development and management practices with those of similar institutions in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions.

* 1. Please list your contact information below:

* 2. Your library is:

* 3. If your library is connected to an institution of higher education please choose the phrase that best describes your college:

* 4. How much does the library plan to spend in the following academic or fiscal year for academic, professional, scientific and technical journals in all formats?

* 5. To how many individual journals that require a subscription fee does the library currently subscribe during the current 2011-12 academic or fiscal year?

* 6. What percentage of the library's total number of journal subscriptions does the library acquire in the form of subscriptions bundled with at least 50 other titles?

* 7. In the past year how many subscriptions to journal titles has your library canceled?

Do not add eliminated plus new titles; we ask about the total number eliminated and not the total added or subtracted.

* 8. How many subscriptions to journals did your library cancel cumulatively over the past three years?

We are seeking a cumulative three year total for this question.

* 9. For the current academic year, the 2011-12 academic year, how many new journal title subscriptions to individual titles did your library add?

This question seeks to define how many new titles you added, not new titles minus cancellations.

* 10. How much did the library spend in the past year for single article purchases from publishers?

Exclude inter-library loan. This question asks about downloads from publisher websites and other sales of academic journal articles "by the slice".