Welcome to My Survey

Dear Mid-Atlantic AUA member:

This study is being conducted by Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) Health and Education Research Institute in Charleston, WV and has been approved by the Internal Revue Board at CAMC. Only the information on the survey is being collected and you will not be identified in any way on the survey.  It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey and we plan to publish the results once data collection and analysis is complete. Study results can be requested by contacting the Research Coordinator, Sharon Hill at Sharon.hill@camc.org.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the rate of burnout amongst Urologists at a regional and national level.  The ever increasing rate of physician burnout across all specialties is a concern that has recently come under greater scrutiny and evaluation. While there is a large body of research related to physician burnout and its causes, there is little research specific to the field of Urology. As the demand for Urologists increases with an aging population, the current workforce in Urology will continue to be stressed. It is important to evaluate the current state of burnout within the field as well as identify potential contributing factors in order to maximize the efficacy and well-being of current and future Urologists.

Thank you so much for a few minutes of your valuable time! Your feedback is very important.

Kevin Brown, DO
PGY4 Urology Resident
Charleston Area Medical Center