Draft Proposal Regarding Access and Parking in Uptown--Online Comment Form

We need your feedback!  Please answer just a few questions.

  • The Climate Pledge Arena is scheduled to open in early fall of 2021; curbside changes would ideally be in place before the Arena opens
  • This proposal is informed by results from our September 2020 online survey.
  • Curbside modifications will support the Arena Access Management Plan (AAMP) which is a living planning document designed to ensure that the access needs of area residents, businesses, employees and visitors will be met as the new Arena is expected to have up to 250 large events per year with attendees over 10,000
  • SDOT uses data to guide on-street parking considerations. Parking studies in this neighborhood were completed in Spring 2019. 
Together with the neighborhood, SDOT has developed these goals for Uptown. 84% of survey respondents agreed with these goals:
  • Prioritize access for businesses, residents and visitors in a quickly growing Urban Center
  • Discourage Arena event-goers from using area on-street parking
  • Prioritize transit, biking and loading, while also managing ride-hailing to support a sustainable and equitable transportation system
For more information, including results from our September 2020 survey, please visit the project webpage.

To learn more about how SDOT and the Climate Pledge Arena are improving multi-modal transportation options in the Uptown neighborhood in 2021, please visit the North Downtown Mobility Action Program and the Climate Pledge Arena's transportation page.

This map below shows the draft proposal for curbside modifications, as well as other multi-modal transportation improvements:

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