"UP" in Relationship with God

The Christian life can be represented by a triangle with the highest emphasis on a  Christian’s relationship with God (Up), followed by fellowship with other Christians (In) and mission to the world (Out). This triangle can be used to evaluate spiritual maturity of an individual or a group of Christians.

In order to do the latter and help determine how we as a congregation need to “grow closer to and more like Jesus,” please complete this short survey.

In the first section, please let us know about  your current relationship with God - your "Up".

Question Title

* 1. As a result of St. Matthew's ministry this past year, I would describe my spiritual life as:

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* 2. I gather with other Christians to worship God

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* 3. Typically, about how much time do you spend reading the Bible?

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* 4. What percentage of your income goes to charity?

  None 1%-3% 4%-6% 7%-10% More than 10%
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