Participant Information Sheet

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Therapist Beliefs about Exposure Therapy Implementation
Who are the researchers?
Associate Professor Peter Kelly, Ms Johanna Meyer, and Associate Professor Steven Roodenrys (University of Wollongong) will be conducting this research project. This study is being completed as part of Ms. Meyer’s doctoral thesis.

What is the purpose of this research?
Firstly, it is hoped that this study will facilitate a better understanding of the behaviours therapists engage in while working with anxious clients, and the beliefs therapists hold regarding these behaviours. Secondly, this study aims to psychometrically evaluate a novel measure of the beliefs therapists hold regarding their own behaviours while treating anxious clients.

What are the demands on participants?
First, read this ‘participant information sheet,’ making sure you understand what is required. If you have any questions about this research project, you are more than welcome to contact our research team. Contact details of the research team are provided on this form. If you are happy to participate in the study, you will then be asked to complete the consent form. If you consent, you will complete measures about your experience with, implementation of, and beliefs regarding anxiety treatment. You will also be asked about your opinions about anxious individuals and anxiety, in general. The total duration of your participation today will be approximately 20 minutes. 

What are the possible risks, inconveniences and burdens?
We anticipate minimal potential risk of participating in this study apart from inconvenience associated with the time required to answer questions. Also, because your name will not appear on any part of the questionnaire there will be no option to withdraw any information provided at a later date. However, you are free to stop completing the survey at any time. If you choose not to participate in the study, this will in no way have an effect on your relationship with the researchers or with the University of Wollongong. Participation is entirely voluntary. 

What are the expected benefits of this research?
This research will provide a basis for future research in this area. We are hopeful that results of this study will help to guide improvements in the way that clinicians work with anxious individuals. Additionally, participants will be entered into a draw to win one of six visa gift cards in the amounts of $100 (1) and $50 (5).

How will the data be collected and used?
The survey is anonymous, with one exception- at the end of the survey you may choose to provide your email address in order to be entered into the draw. However, it is not required to provide your email address. Information from this survey will be kept confidential. All questionnaire materials will be stored securely at the University of Wollongong. The information may be used for publication in scholarly research journals, a student thesis, and conference presentations. You will not be identifiable in any research output. Your responses will be kept on a secure computer and only Johanna Meyer, Associate Professor Peter Kelly, and Associate Professor Steven Roodenrys, will have access to your responses.

What if I have questions or concerns?
If you have any additional questions concerning this study please contact Johanna Meyer at, Associate Professor Kelly at, or Associate Professor Roodenrys at If you have any concerns or complaints regarding the way in which the research is or has been conducted you should contact the University of Wollongong Ethics Officer on (02) 4221 3386 or