The Early Career Researcher lunch time program at the University of Newcastle is designed by Organisational Development and Research Division to promote personal growth and collegiality through the sharing of experiences and ideas between established and early researchers

The Hot Topic sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to speak up. By suggesting a speaker or topic, you are displaying your autonomomy as a developing academic who is actively involved in your own career pathway.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards

Laura Juratowitch
Staff Development Consultant, Organisational Development
Human Resource Services,The University of Newcastle
NSW 2308

* 1. Have you completed your PhD within the last 5 years?

* 2. Who would you like to hear speak at the early career researcher program?
(Please include the persons' title, first name, surname, area of expertise and contact details if known)

* 3. What topics would you like to learn about in an early career researchers program?

* 4. Have you attended any early career researcher training in the last two years?

* 5. Other Comments?

Thank you for taking the time to respond and contribute to the 2013 Early Career Researcher Lunch time program.

The summary report will be created to be used for future planning with Research Division and Organisational Development, and will be made available to participants on request.

Information collected from this survey is anonymous.