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Consent for On Line Surveys in Experiential Classes

The following form requests your consent to be asked questions related to an experiential project at the Edwards School of Business. Please read this form carefully, and feel free to ask questions you might have.


Students enrolled in COMM 449, Management Consulting

Instructed by Vince Bruni-Bossio

Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan

Phone: 306-966-7580 Email: bruni-bossio@edwards.usask.ca

Purpose and Procedure:

This proposed student consulting project is part the Edwards School of Business COMM 448 Management Consulting Projects. We have been asked to conduct a needs assessment for the Town of Unity in regard to a potential Townhouse Development.

Potential Benefits:

This project will be used to incorporate the needs of the residents of the Town of Unity into a final feasibility report that will be used to take the project to tender.

Potential Risks:

There is minimal risk to you as a participant. Your responses will be aggregated and not traceable to you in any way. There should be no risks to participating in this study greater than those encountered in aspects of everyday life.


Your identity and demographic information, if collected, will be kept confidential.

Right to Withdraw:

Your participation is voluntary, and you maywithdraw from the project for any reason, at any time, without penalty of any sort. If you withdraw from the project at any time, all data collected will be sent to you immediately.

Follow-Up or Debriefing:

At the end of this project, you are welcome to provide feedback on the process, the consultant team, and the quality of the final work. 

Follow up:

To obtain results from the study, please feel free to contact the student researcher by email for a summary.
Questions or Concerns:

This research project is in alignment with ethical standard established by the Research Ethics Committee at the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan.

If you have any questions concerning the research project, please feel free to ask the student(s) at any point.  Also, please feel free to contact the course instructor at any time at the number provided below if you have other questions.  

If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, the students working on the project or your rights as a participant you may also call any of the following:

Edwards Research Committee Chair:                                 (306) 966-8404

Vince Bruni-Bossio (Instructor):                                              (306) 966-7580

Marv Painter (Department Head):                                        (306) 966-8439
Consent to Participate:

I have read and understood the description provided; I have had an opportunity to ask questions and my/our questions have been answered.

BY clicking on “CONSENT ICON” I am agreeing to participate in this project. I understand my rights as a participant including that I may withdraw my consent at any time.


* 2. Which of the following best describe your current living situation?

* 3. What type of housing can you see yourself/your family living in within the next ten years?

* 4. Which of the following best describes your current housing situation?

* 5. If you do not currently own a home, are you planning to purchase within the next:

* 6. Are you satisfied with your current living arrangements? Please explain.

* 7. How many bedrooms does your household prefer?

* 8. How many bathrooms does your household prefer?

* 9. What ownership structure do you prefer

* 10. Do you feel that there is adequate affordable/handicapped accessible housing in your area? If not please explain why.

* 11. Approximately how many KM do you live from your work?

* 12. What gender do you identify with?

* 13. What is your age range (in years):

* 14. How many people living in your home are over 18 (include yourself)?

* 15. How many people living in the home under 18 (if applicable, include yourself)?

* 16. Do you have any other comments to share?