Faringdon: The "brand"

What themes, landmarks & events do you think help to encapsulate Faringdon’s unique identity? Please imagine for the purposes of this exercise that there is NO limit to the number of "elements" that might be included in your choices. If it's helpful, consider the development of any/all of the following possible "products" when ranking the different elements: COMPOSITE POSTER OF LANDMARKS, CREST, COAT OF ARMS, ACHIEVEMENT, BUILDINGS QUIZ, INSIGNIA, BLAZONRY, SEAL, TOWN SIGN, FLAG, BADGE, EMBLEM, BRAND, SIGNET, ESCUTCHEON, GONFALON, ENSIGN, SHIELD, LOGO, LETTERHEAD, MERCHANDISING (such as mugs, calendars, effigies ... ).

Question Title

* 1. PLEASE RANK EACH ELEMENT IN TERMS OF ITS IMPORTANCE TO FARINGDON'S IDENTITY. 0=not relevant ; 5=medium relevance, 10=highest relevance

  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Henry James Pye
Robert Heber-Percy
Market Charter
Catholic Church
Queen Matilda
Pump House
King Alfred
Great Barn
Watchfield turbines
Folly woodland
The Portwell pump
Bowler Hats
United Church Hall
Baptist Church
Coach & Horses
Bad poetry
Twinning - Le Mele
Blackbird pie
The Bell
Gummed envelopes
Folly Tower
Folly Hill
Market Place
Bluebells & poppies
Coloured Pigeons
Civil War
Lord Berners
Old Town Hall
Corn Exchange
The White Horse
Fairtrade town
All Saints Church
Red Lion
The Crown
The Post Office
Friends Meeting House
Faringdon House
The Westbrook river