User Survey

Union County is updating the Airport Master Plan for the La Grande / Union County Airport (KLGD). The Master Plan will identify specific facilities or improvements that will be needed and/or maintained to meet future aviation demands. Union County has contracted with WHPacific, Inc. to complete this project. In an effort to establish the existing aviation demand and aircraft fleet mix utilizng the airport, this brief survey has been designed to assist in the collection of specific information to assess the need for airport improvements.

Your input is greatly appreciated and needed. Please complete and submit the survey at your earliest convenience. 

* 1. Do you base an aircraft (or helicopter) at KLGD?

* If yes, do you rent hangar space?

* If not at KLGD, where do you currently base?

* Would you base at KLGD if additional facilities were available?

* 2. Is your usage of KLGD for business or personal recreation? Please enter the Zip code of your business / residence.

* What type of aircraft (or helicopter) do you currently operate?

* Do you have plans to change aircraft (or helicopter) type?

* 3. Approximately how many operations per month do you average KLGD (a takeoff is one operation, landing is another operation)?

* Approximately what percentage of operations stays within the local pattern?

* Are your operations seasonal or year-round? Please elaborate.

* 4. Please note your reasons for basing at KLGD. Select all that applies.

* 5. Please list any specific improvements that you believe are needed at KLGD.

* 6. Optional:

* Would you like to be added to our future mailing list and be notified of future Public Meeting?

* May we contact you for more information related to this Master Plan Update?