* 1. Contact Information

* 2. I understand that is it my responsibility to check the Uniform Resale web page (under Parent Resources on the AA hompage) for information about and documents pertaining to the uniform sale.

* 3. I understand I can drop off uniform items (clothing, books, accessories, etc,.) during carpool May 22 - 24 and/or in the bin located in the front office lobby at AA.  I also understand that there will be other locations and dates during the summer available prior to the sale and will check the Uniform Resale web page during the summer for more information.  .

* 4. I understand that when I drop off my uniform items, they must be properly tagged according to the guidelines in the "Seller and Tagging" document located in the download section on the Uniform Resale web page.

* 5. I understand that improperly tagged items will be considered donated. 

* 6. I agree that I will carefully check items I am selling to make sure they adhere to the quality standards noted in the "Seller and Tagging" document and make a note of any flaws.  I understand that if an item does NOT pass quality control, then that item can be either marked down at the Uniform committee's discretion (typically 20%-25% discount) or discarded.  

* 7. I understand that any items that have not been sold this year will be held in our inventory for 2 years to be sold at future sales but I will still receive the proceeds.  I also understand that if after 2 years, any item(s) not sold will be considered donated to the respective PTO (CP, MB or LM).

* 8. I understand that any items turned in that are no longer approved in the AA Uniform Policy will not be returned.  I also understand that these items will automatically be donated.

* 9. I understand that neither the AAPTO nor the Uniform Resale committee is responsible for any lost, stolen, incorrectly tagged or damaged items that I am selling.

* 10. I understand that proceeds will be available for pick up during SPECIFIC days and times during school registration August 9 - 11 at the respective American Academy campus.  If I am not available to pick up proceeds, I will notify the originator of the notification email or proactively email "uniforms@aak8.org" and alternative options will be provided.  I also understand that if I do not pick up my proceeds by Friday, September 1, 2017 my funds earned will be donated to the respective PTO (CP, MB or LM).

* 11. I agree that if my family is no longer attending American Academy, and/or I request for my proceeds to be mailed to me, $3 will be deducted from the total amount of proceeds earned to cover costs and administration time.

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