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Research Study Overview

The Lake County court does not understand why people do not attend court as scheduled. Importantly, not appearing to court as schedule can impact plea agreements, conviction status, sentencing, and future detention if arrested, again.

Justice System Partners (JSP) is working to understand the barriers people face to return to court. The goal is to learn more about why people struggle to get to court and help build programs and services that might help people appear as scheduled.

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* 1. Participation in this research is completely voluntary and confidential. Only JSP will know you participated and only JSP will have access to the information you provide below and in your interview. 

If you'd like to participate in a phone/zoom based interview, please enter your first and last name. 

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* 2. If you'd like to participate, please enter your date of birth.*

*why does JSP need this? 
To participate you can't currently have an open case in the courts or actively serving on probation or parole. JSP must verify you do not have an open case.

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* 3. If you'd like to participate, please provide your contact information for a member of the research team to contact you. Either your phone number or email address. 

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* 4. I'd prefer a researcher who speaks...

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