Submitting this survey will enter your information into Relativity's UX research participant pool. In the coming year, Relativity's UX team will be exploring various facets of our products and our industry. If a research study aligns with the information you provide, you may receive an invitation to participate in UX research. You can decide whether or not to participate for each research invitation you receive.
Relativity Research Recruiting Consent 

What is this form?
This research recruitment form involves answering some questions about your experience using Relativity.

This form should take 5-10 minutes to complete. While there will be no monetary incentive for your time, your participation helps to inform the future of Relativity’s software. 

By filling out this this form, you consent to the collection of personal information, including your name, email, and employer (if working in the legal industry). Your personal data will be kept internally at Relativity and may be shared with other Relativity employees as needed to inform the product design decisions and/or to provide better care to you, but will not be shared outside of Relativity.
How might your data be used?
Your personal data, which could include your name, email, and employer, may be used for any of the following reasons: 
  1. To inform design decisions,
  2. To allow the researchers to reach out to you with any follow-up questions 
  3. To invite you to participate in other UX research studies 
  4. To prevent the research team from reaching out to you too often with invitations to participate in research,
  5. To understand the industry and/or size of the company that you work in (since this can sometimes impact how users interact with Relativity),
  6. To verify that we did not oversample specific types of users in our research, and/or
  7. To provide better care to you 
What happens with your data?
We will not collect any personal data that is not necessary for the purposes of user experience research, and no personally identifying information will be shared outside of Relativity. 

All personal data we collect with this session will be stored in a secured location and retained in accordance with applicable laws.

You have specific rights to your personal data, including access, modification, or deletion. Please contact Relativity if you would like to exercise any rights with respect to your personal data. For additional information, please view Relativity's Privacy Policy.

All data, including personal information and any data that may have incidental person information will be aggregated and/or de-identified if it is shared externally.
What are the risks and benefits?
There are no known risks associated with filling out this recruitment survey not currently otherwise described in this consent form. The potential benefits, however, are an improved user experience with Relativity.

You may change your mind about participating in the UX research program at any time.

Consent Statement
I agree to participate in the research described above and understand that I may discontinue this form at any time without repercussion. I consent to the collection of certain data, including generalized job role, experience with Relativity, and general job experience.

Question Title

* Do you consent to the terms as stated?