This form is intended to help United Way learn about your organization. This is not a funding application. It will be used to help United Way staff best share potential opportunities to work together, in particular on specific initiatives and programs.  We are most interested in a broad overview of your organization, the outcomes you track, and the target population you serve.

The forms submitted here are reviewed quarterly; within a few months you can expect to hear from a United Way representative with suggestions for next steps. Be aware that United Way strategic grantmaking is an invitation only process and we commit to multi-year partnerships, so there may not be an opportunity to apply for strategic grantmaking right away.  We ask that you not submit multiple forms per year.

* 1. Agency Information

* 2. Please list the communities (or regions) in which your agency provides services. If you have a specific target demographic, tell us who you serve:

* 3. What is your agency’s mission statement?

United Way works in two areas -- building blocks for better lives for people in need. These are Financial Opportunity and Educational Success. You can consult United Way's website to get a better sense of what we currently do in those two areas. 

In the following response boxes, briefly describe how your organization’s programs and services and/or public policy work aligns with these goals. Include an executive summary of the outcomes you track.

* 4. Alignment to Financial Opportunity

* 5. Summary of outcomes tracked aligned with United Way's goals for Financial Opportunity

* 6. Alignment to Educational Success

* 7. Summary of outcomes tracked aligned with United Way's goals for Educational Success

* 8. Does your agency currently receive grant support from United Way?

* 9. If yes, what work is your agency’s current grant supporting?

* 10. Has your agency received grant support from United Way in the past?

* 11. If yes, what grant(s) did you receive from United Way?

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