For book chapter/journal article on Art in SL & the UWA Challenges

This survey is suitable for anyone at all with some knowledge or experience of the UWA Challenges. You neeed not be an artist or machinima maker or be heavily involved or teach using art or be a student involved with SL art. All thats necessary is to have some knowledge or experience with UWA's efforts

* Which of the following describes you best?

* In addition, which of the following describes you as well?

* If a student or teacher, please state your affiliated institution

* How long have you been in SL?

* Are you in any other Virtual Worlds?

* If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, please specify which world(s)?

* How did you become involved/interested in art in SL?

* When did you first learn about the UWA Art Challenges?

* How did you receive this information (i.e. learning about the UWA Art Challenges)?

* Have you entered any of the UWA Challenges?

* If yes to the previous question, how do you feel about the experience of being part of the UWA challenges?

* What is the best thing about SL art?

* What is the best thing about the UWA Challenges?

* Is there any way you feel the UWA activities / challenges can be improved?

* Question for any arts student:
Has your participation/attendance at the Art Challenge been linked in any way to your course work?

* If you answered Yes to the previous question (participation @ UWA linked to course work), how was this connected?

* Questions for any art teacher:
Have you used the UWA Challenges with your students in any capacity?Y

* If you answered Yes to the previous question (you have used the UWA challenges with your students), how have you done this?

* Do you have any other related comments, thoughts or advice?