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Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

By choosing to complete this survey, you are providing your implicit consent to participate in the research, realising that you may withdraw at any time without reason and without prejudice. You also understand that all information that you provide is treated as confidential and will not be released by the investigator in any form. No material that identifies you will be requested, and you are free to refuse to answer any question. The only exception to this principle of confidentiality is if this information is required by law to be released. You understand that the information collected through this research project can be used in research papers and these outcomes will remain the intellectual property of the researchers.

If you agree to these terms, please click on the link below to commence the survey. You will be asked to confirm your consent in the first question. 

Approval to conduct this research has been provided by the University of Western Australia, in accordance with its ethics review and approval procedures. Any person considering participation in this research project, or agreeing to participate, may raise any questions or issues with the researchers at any time.

In addition, any person not satisfied with the response of researchers may raise ethics issues or concerns, and may make any complaints about this research project by contacting the Human Ethics Office at the University of Western Australia on (08) 6488 3703 or by emailing to

All research participants are entitled to retain a copy of the Participant Information Form relating to this research project.

To download the Participant Information Form relating to this project, please click here. 

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