Thinking through the character of the new headquarters for UUA, we would like to get your input regarding a number of issues via a "blink exercise."
In the following we'll present you with a series of images and ask you to rate how those images make you feel. We'll explore 14 of topics, each represented by a handful of images:
1 formal meeting spaces
2 informal meeting spaces
3 reception area
4 lunch space
5 workstations
6 the use of partitions
7 chapel space
8 exhibit spaces
9 the character of a "loft" building
10 plants
11 materials
12 colors
13 art
14 'fun'

First, please rate each image on a scale of 0 (I dislike it immensely) to 10 (I love it!), then select the top two of the series that you like most. Please feel free to flip through the images quickly, we are most interested in your 'gut reaction' to them. At the same time, there's an opportunity for you to comment on the images if you wish, and please do mail us any additional images you might find pertinent to this exercise.
Thank you,

Jean, Zsuzsanna, Rita
Goody Clancy Architects