In an effort to better serve your medical needs, we ask you to complete this questionnaire. Your answers will provide us with valuable information to continually improve the Healthcare Services at all Pro Circuit tournaments. Please check the most appropriate answer to the questions using the rating scale listed below.
Rating Scale
1 = poor      2 = fair      3 = average      4 = good      5 = excellent

1. Overall, please rate the healthcare services at the USTA Pro Circuits.


3. Please rate the Athletic Trainer on site:

  1 2 3 4 5
Management of injuries

4. Please rate the following support services that are offered at many of the tournaments:

  1 2 3 4 5
Massage Therapists
Tournament Physicians

5. Do you feel these services are available to you at MOST tournaments?

  yes no
Massage Therapists
Tournament Physicians
ITF - Player Welfare (

6. Are you aware of the player welfare services offered?

7. Have you ever utilized these services?

8. Are you aware of or have you utilized the Sports Science information section on the USTA website?

9. Do you believe the USTA Sports Science Department and ITF are providing you with adequate education of:

  yes no
Infection Control
Stress Management
Tennis Anti-Doping

10. Would you attend an education seminar on any of the above topics?

11. If yes, please list which ones.