1. Introduction

Two New Jersey students will be selected as delegates by an esteemed panel in the fall to represent the State of New Jersey in the Washington Week educational program and receive a one-time undergraduate college $10,000 scholarship. All components of the application must be completed to be considered.

Every public or nonpublic principal in New Jersey may nominate one outstanding junior or senior to be considered for the United States Senate Youth Program.

Before completing this application form, please have the following documents ready to upload (Word or PDF format):

  • Student resume (One page, Times New Roman, size 12 font, ½ inch margins)
    • Name file: Last Name_Resume
  • Student essay (Two pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font, ½ inch margins; include header with student name and page number) 
    • Provide a narrative account of your leadership experiences, civic engagement, involvement in community service, examples of how your passions, motivation or creativity contribute to school and community, and interest in government, history and politics
    • Name file: Last Name_Essay
  • Student transcript (Include official/unofficial transcript through September 2021)
    • Name file: Last Name_Transcript
  • Principal’s letter of recommendation (Submit on school letterhead with principal’s title, name, and signature – digital signature acceptable)
    • Name file: Last Name_Principal_Rec
  • Advisor's letter of recommendation (Submit on school or organization letterhead with advisor’s title, name, and signature – digital signature acceptable)
    • Describe leadership experiences in current elected or appointed position in student government, civic or educational organization
    • Name file: Last Name_Advisors_Rec
  • Principal's Statement of Assurance
    • Principal will need to sign statement of assurance in advance of completing this form
    • Name file: Last Name_PSA
In addition, the student will need to submit a press paragraph as part of this online application (question 40). The press paragraph should describe the student's other leadership positions (not position used to qualify for USSYP), academic honors, community service, school and extracurricular activities, and future plans for college and career. Paragraph should be typed, using third person and no longer than 600 characters including spaces (may be used for media purposes).

The entire application will need to be completed once it is started because it cannot be saved along the way. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

If you have questions, please contact USSYP@doe.nj.gov.

Deadline: October 11, 2021 11:59pm
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