Thank you for your interest in USIndoor’s industry survey. This survey is to be completed entirely electronically through the Survey Monkey platform. The survey contains a link to a DropBox file that will be used to gather data and uploaded through Survey Monkey at the end of the survey. 
Data from this survey will be used in the State of the Industry report.  The State of the Industry report will summarize/aggregate all data and will not identify individual facilities.  All respondents who submit a complete survey (including responding to the questions that follow and submitting the associated document that is to be uploaded upon completion of the survey) will receive more detailed response information, but no identifying information will be distributed.
If entering information for multiple venues, please aggregate the total data for all venues being reported on. In case of indecision over any response, use your best judgment, based on how you think your response will best be understood, and utilize the “Notes” areas for important explanations.
NOTE: Unless specifically requested, please do not include outdoor information in this survey until you reach Part IV hereof. If your bookkeeping does not distinguish between indoor and outdoor income or expenses, please apportion them using your best judgment.
Unless you allow otherwise, your identity and facility name will be maintained under a pseudonym (i.e., “Facility #”) to promote confidentiality.
Thank you for your participation!