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Welcome to the 2012 USFA Survey!

This survey is being conducted as part of a collaborative project involving the Australian Underwater Federation, CSIRO, James Cook University, the Underwater Skindivers & Fishermen’s Association (USFA) in New South Wales, and Southern Freedivers in Victoria.

The project has two main aims:

1) To understand and highlight the value of spearfishing organizations’ long-term fishing activity and catch datasets for informing and describing changes in the marine environment, including those resulting from warming waters as a result of climate change.

2) To demonstrate how collaborations between spearfishers and scientists can increase the capacity of the spearfishing community to become meaningfully involved in fisheries decisions that affect them.

You are being invited to participate in this survey because you are a member of the USFA. The purpose of this survey is to get a better understanding of spearfishers’ beliefs and attitudes about climate change and its potential impacts, the value of spearfishers’ data and personal observations for exploring climate change impacts, and issues surrounding the sharing of spearfishers’ data with scientists. The results of this survey will be used to help improve opportunities for spearfishers to have a say in management decisions affecting the marine resources that they depend on.

Participation in this survey is voluntary and all the information you give us is strictly confidential. No names, addresses, or other identifying information is recorded on the questionnaire so your responses to questions cannot be traced to you. The information you provide will be used in reports and publications which will be provided to all of the collaborating spearfishing organizations. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact one of the people listed below:

Daniel Gledhill (CSIRO)
(03) 6232 5363

Steve Sutton (JCU)
(07) 4781 5510

Adrian Jeloudev (USFA)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ethical conduct of this survey, please contact Sophie Thompson, Human Ethics and Grants Administrator, James Cook University on (07) 4781 6575 or Sophie.Thompson@jcu.edu.au.