Since 2008, the R+F Prescription for Change® Foundation has celebrated the work our Consultants are doing to volunteer, empower lives, and impact their communities. Each year PFC selects multiple volunteers from a pool of applicants to recognize in a VERY special way.  PFC will invite chosen applicants to travel and volunteer side-by-side for 36 hours with one of our non-profit partners in a host city near them. Consultants will learn about the limitless power youth achieve through community action programs.

I.  The Trip

A PFC ChangeMaker Trip is a once-in-a-lifetime service opportunity for Consultants and youth to volunteer side-by-side in one of our non-profit partner’s host cities. Watch this video from our US 2017 Change Maker trip in the Bronx, New York, to understand the incredible impact you can make on youth around the globe.

Submissions for applications are ongoing and the deadline will be December 31st, 2017 for each country (US, CAN and AUS), with service trips taking place throughout the year.

II. Eligible Participants

 All active R+F Independent Consultants who meet the below criteria are eligible to participate. 

III.  Eligibility Criteria

Participants will be selected by PFC Home Office Employees, based on their review of the applicants’ responses to the questions below and the applicants’ demonstrated interest and dedication to the PFC mission.


 Applicants must have volunteered a total of 36 hours, within the calendar year, with a non-profit organization aligned with our PFC mission statement:

 "The Prescription for Change Foundation serves youth with life-changing empowerment programs where they live."

 PFC-affiliated charities are encouraged but no required.

If you have questions about charities or number of hours served please contact PFC at


Applicants must have participated in a previous PFC campaign (e.g. #RFGoNaked Day or PFC toolkit hashtag #RFChangeMaker)


Applicants should support the PFC Foundation in some capacity whether it’s by volunteering their time or a monetary donation. To donate any amount, even just $1, click here to make a donation.

Please fill out the form below.

* 1. Applicant Information:

* 2. R+F Consultant ID #:

* 4. SERVE. Proof of Volunteer Hours: Upload a description of your service project(s) or a letter from the non-profit organization(s) confirming service. Please include the non-profit's name, tax ID #, number of hours served, type of service and a contact name. 

PDF, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, DOC file types only.
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* 5. Your total estimated # of hours for the year served

* 6. Was your volunteer activity a part of a PFC toolkit? (e.g. Book Drive, Play It Forward: Toy Drive) 

* 7. If yes, did you lead the activity?

* 8. How many hours did you spend on your toolkit-related activity? (Consider: planning, promoting, executing)

* 9. How many items you collected through your toolkit-related activity?

* 10. How many volunteers participated with your toolkit-related activity?

* 11. SHARE.  Proof of PFC Campaign Participation: Upload images of your involvement with any of the following 2017 PFC Campaign: #RFServes, #RFChangeMaker, #RFGoNakedDay (#RFGND), and/or #HydrationNationDonation

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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* 12. Have you donated to PFC?


* 13. Describe the work you do to empower change and serve youth in your own community.

* 14. Describe why you are interested in attending an immersive service experience with PFC and our partner youths. 

Thank you for continuing to support the PFC Foundation!