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Please give us some basic information about the participant.

* 1. Participant's name?

* 2. Participant's age?

* 3. What is the participant's gender / status?

* 4. Does the participant identify as LGBTQ?

* 5. What is the participants disability?

* 6. Is the participant an U.S. Military Veteran?

* 7. Is the participant former Police, Fire or other public emergency service with a job related disability

* 8. Have you participated in USARC activities in the past?

* 9. Will you participate in USARC activities again in the future?

* 10. Would you recommend USARC and its activities to others?

* 11. Date of this participation?

* 12. Did you participate in a day session or overnight session?

* 13. If you are interested in or participated in the overnight session, would you prefer

* 14. Excluding USARC fees, approximately how much money did you or your party spend at the Boathouse Tavern or The Pines?