Please evaluate the services that you received at the Student Counseling Center (SCC) established at your University/Institution. Indicate your answers by selecting the answer that best describes your experience at the Center. All answers that we receive are compiled and given to staff anonymously. We thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback! Surveys like this one help us to continually improve our services to the students.

* 1. Please specify your University/Institution name

* 2. Please specify the discipline in which you have been enrolled. (for example BS(Agriculture)

* 3. Please specify Academic session in which you got admission(for example Fall 2010)

* 4. If you have completed degree program, please specify the year of completion

* 5. Did you feel need for guidance before getting admission?

* 6. If Yes, Was SCC already established at your University/Institution when you got admission? If No, go to Question NO. 19.

* 7. If Yes, did you visit SCC to get guidelines about your study program before admission

* 8. If yes, were you satisfied after having a meeting with the Counselor?

* 9. How many times you visited SCC after getting admission?

* 10. Your counselor understood your reasons for seeking counseling.

* 11. Your counselor listened to you.

* 12. Your counselor helped you accomplish your goals for counseling.

* 13. You feel more hopeful about your future.

* 14. Counseling has helped you make decisions and solve problems.

* 15. You were having academic problems before starting counseling.

* 16. Counseling has helped you improve your academic performance.

* 17. Counseling has helped you become more involved in activities like participation in class discussions, games, events etc.

* 18. You feel comfortable about the confidentiality policy at the Counseling Center.

* 19. Please write down the problems which were in your mind to discuss.

* 20. Who helped you in solving your problems?

* 21. Were you satisfied after getting help?

* 22. If you have completed degree program, did you visited SCC to get guidance for your career opportunities?

* 23. If yes, were you satisfied after having a meeting?

* 24. Is there anything else that you would like us to know about your experience with the Counseling Center?

* 25. Do you have any comments or suggestions for improving counseling services at your university/institution?

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