Upper Peninsula Light Processing Facility Assessment

The Upper Peninsula Light Processing Facility Assessment is a cooperative study involving several stakeholders including Marquette County, MSU Extension, the Upper Peninsula Food Exchange (UPFE), and the Central Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Regional Commission (CUPPAD). Marquette County and CUPPAD have identified an opportunity to advance economic growth in the Central Upper Peninsula with the expansion of light processing capacity for fruits and vegetables. Karen Karp & Partners is performing an assessment of produce production and purchasing dynamics in the Upper Peninsula. They will use that data to determine the optimal crops and processing methods to consider for subsequent facility development plans.

Input from Upper Peninsula fruit and vegetable growers is critically important to this assessment. We need to know the top crops produced in the UP, the volume of specific crops from typical farms and throughout the entire region, any current processing those crops undergo before sale, the types of markets that farmers are using for product sales, and what opportunities and assets would encourage UP farmers to expand production.

The survey will be open from November 1 through November 30, 2017.

For additional information about the project contact Michelle Walk at walkmich@msu.edu or 906-635-6368 or Thyra Karlstrom at tkarlstrom@mqtco.org or 906-225-8192. For questions about the survey please contact Christophe Hille at Karen Karp & Partners, 212-260-1070 or christophe@kkandp.com. All responses will be anonymized and no identifying information will be shared with any parties outside of this project.

For all questions that ask for data from a growing season, `please use 2017 or 2016 or whatever most recent year is most representative of your production. We recognize that 2017 was an especially poor year for many of the UP's produce growers, so if you'd prefer to use numbers from another year, please do. With that in mind, to complete this survey you will need access to the information listed below. 

- Your farm’s size (in acres, hoop houses, square footage, etc.)

- Your farm’s production volume for each crop produced from 2016 or 2017 season

- Your farm’s production volume and/or revenue for each crop produced from 2016 or 2017 season

Your responses will be kept confidential and are recorded anonymously. Information provided will be presented only in combination with other responses.