Pitt-Greensburg Roommate Agreement

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This agreement is designed to help roommates address common issues that may create conflict in the room/apartment while also considering roommate rights. Roommate rights include:

* The right to read, study and sleep in one's room without undue interference due to noise, guests, etc.
* The right to free access to one's facilities without pressure from a roommate.
* The right to expect that a roommate and his/her guests will respect one's personal belongings.
* The right to personal privacy.

Before completing this agreement, each roommate should reflect upon the type of environment they would like in the room/apartment. Community Assistants can provide you with a pre-discussion guide that will help you think about the conversation you're about to have with your roommates. This agreement will be reviewed by a member of the Residence Life staff and a Community Assistant will follow up with roommates to discuss this agreement. Roommates will be expected to uphold any provisions set forth in the Roommate Agreement.