UPE 008 Welfare Non-Sup Bargaining Survey

Please note: this survey is for those in the 008 Bargaining Unit ONLY.

* 1. How important is a Cost of Living Adjustment? (COLA)

* 2. Do you believe your wages are sufficient?

* 3. My healthcare benefits provide the level of coverage I need.

* 4. My dental benefits provide the level of coverage I need.

* 5. Do you believe your vacation accruals are adequate?

* 6. Do you believe your sick leave accruals are adequate?

* 7. Are you able to take leave when you need it?

* 8. Are there adequate promotional/advancement opportunities for your classification?

* 9. Are there adequate transfer opportunities for your job classification?

* 10. Is there adequate training provided to you to perform your job as assigned?

* 11. Do you feel safe at work?

* 12. Do you feel safe when working in the field (if your current job requires you to work out in the field)?

* 13. How would you rate your management's treatment of employees?

* 14. What are you willing to do to support your bargaining team obtain a new contract? (you may choose more than one answer)

* 15. What department are you in?

* 16. Name (First and last)

* 17. Job Classification