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Thank you for participating in our survey. 
Goal of Subcommittee: to increase the occurrence of successful and safe discharges through legal advocacy

Objectives of Subcommittee:
  1. to understand the process of transition from inpatient to community care and the real and/or potential barriers to a successful transition; and
  2. to formulate an advocacy plan to address the real and potential barriers to successful transition to community care.

  • An unsuccessful discharge is a hospital readmission within 30 days of the discharge that was brought about by avoidable or preventable issues that were not addressed and not solely by the natural progression of the illness
  • Unsafe discharge is subsumed under unsuccessful discharge but, in addition, poses imminent harm or risk to the client
  • Research has identified four major themes or barriers to successful discharges, which will be the focus of the following survey.
Specifically: medical complexity, lack of person-centered assessment, communication issues, and lack of respect for client-consumer choices.
Survey questions: All responses are to be placed on the Likert scale as follows:
Never (less than 10% of time)
Rarely (11 - 25%)
Sometimes (26 – 50%)
Often/ frequently ( 51 – 75%)
Most of time (more than 76% of time)
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