This survey is an effort to identify the type of partnership activities UMass Boston faculty and staff are engaged in. The results of this survey will be used to increase internal and external awareness of our community engagement efforts.

Institutions of higher education engage in a variety of partnership activities that exchange knowledge and resources between the university and the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. These activities:
• Support local, national, and global communities;
• Enhance scholarship, research, creative activities, teaching and learning; and
• Prepare educated, engaged, and responsible graduates.

There are a variety of community-engaged partnership activities that university employees normally take part in. These can include teaching and learning, research, creative, and service.

Instructions: Please respond to this survey while considering ONLY YOUR ROLE AS A UMASS BOSTON EMPLOYEE. Your personal service activities completed in a capacity outside of your professional role at UMass Boston are not solicited here. For example, you would not list any activities that you have participated in as a member of a faith community, a neighborhood resident, parent, or voter.

It is recommended that survey participants download the questions and sections from the OCP Partnership Surveys webpage before submitting their information online. This will allow you to prepare your responses ahead of time and paste them into the document from another document. The survey should take 10-15 minutes to complete if you prepare your responses ahead of time.

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