UMSU Student Club Application Information

Welcome to the first step in registering your student club with the University of Manitoba Students' Union. Registering is quick and easy, beginning with the completion of this form.
UMSU Student Clubs are an excellent way to get involved with the greater community, but before registering please ensure your club meets the required guidelines as described in the Student Clubs Manual. If your application does not meet the standard of acceptance your club will be rejected and you will have to start again. The manual itself a wealth of information and will walk you through everything you will need to ensure that your idea can come to full fruition.
If at any time you have any questions you can contact the Student Clubs Manager at, they will be sure to help you get on the right track to establishing your group with UMSU and gaining access to all the free resources we have to offer!
UMSU shall not share any personal information in its position with any third-party without explicit, written consent of the individual, subject to legal requirements.