Developing a Symposium Series on Equity and Youth 

Help UMN Extension Build a Strong, Unique & Equity-Focused Learning Program in 2017-2020. Please share your thoughts, feedback and ideas in five minute or less.

* 1. Have you participated in a University of Minnesota Extension learning program in the last 3 years? (For more about past symposia click here.)

* 2. Tell us about your overall experience with University of Minnesota Extension learning programs or the Extension Center for Youth Development in general? (What could be improved with our learning series? Have these learning events been engaging? Has the Center been a valued partner in learning? What could be improved?)

* 3. As Extension designs a program focused on delivering learning around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in youth work, what programmatic features would make you want to join in?

* 4. As we (re)imagine and design a series focused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion what should these events look and feel like?

* 5. As we seek to explore programs and practices, which speakers, efforts, facilitators, and/or experts would you like to learn from or about?

* 6. What else would you like to share so that we build a successful learning series focused on exploring and supporting equity within Minnesota’s youth development programs?

* 7. Please list all topics, activities, and/or ideas you have for the development of this series.

* 8. On the topic of equity, what is something you wish you could say, ask, or talk about in your organization, but feel you can't?