N2Y Training Evaluation Survey

Select the best response for each question that describes your experience.

* 1. Workshop Name:

* 2. Location:

* 3. Please enter your contact information:

* 4. Trainer's Name:

* 5. Trainer's knowledge of the material presented.

* 6. Trainer's ability to clearly and effectively communicate information and address the objectives.

* 7. The activities in the session were helpful in understanding the implementation of the product.

* 8. We previewed the  lesson plans.

* 9. I will use the new lesson plans

* 10. We discussed the Suggested Monthly Plan 

* 11. I plan to use the Suggested Monthly Plan

* 12. We previewed the iDocs a.k.a. interactive documents?

* 13. I will use the iDocs with my students.

* 14. I know where to find the Unique GPS.

* 15. I will use the Unique GPS.

* 16. I know where the skill tracking features are located within the GPS.

* 17. I will use the skill tracking feature

* 18. I know where to find the Instructional Tools.

* 19. I know where to find the Instructional Guides.

* 20. I know where to find the standards-based alignment documents.

* 21. I know where to find the online library, n2y Library.

* 22. We previewed  SymbolStix PRIME?

* 23. I know where to find the Support Center.

* 24. I know where to find the Training Site.

* 25. As a result of this training, I will be able to successfully implement Unique / News-2-You:

* 26. Why or why not?

* 27. What aspects of training were most valuable to you? Why?

* 28. What aspects of training were least valuable to you? Why?

* 29. How many of your students require alternative access using a switch with scanning or two step scanning?

* 30. If your students require switch access, how are they currently accessing curriculum materials?

* 31. What questions / comments do you still have? Which areas would you like further clarification?

Thank you for participating in this brief survey!