Presentation Categories

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uLead is one of the world’s premier events for school leaders - principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders from around the world. uLead 2022 will be a watershed event that will attract hundreds of delegates to the Banff Springs Hotel in the world heritage site of the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. The conference will take place from April 10-12, 2022 with separate, but related pre-conference full-day workshops such as: Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey and a full day experience on Leadership Harnessing Education Technology being held on April 8 and 9, 2022. Principals, assistant principals, teacher-leaders, school district leaders, trustees, national, state, and provincial education ministry officials as well as Ministers of Education will be in attendance. uLead supports a variety of session formats designed to foster engaging and thought-provoking dialogue between presenters and the audience. Understanding the various session categories that comprise the programming components of uLead will maximize your understanding and participation at the event.
Your presentation should tie in to the overall theme of the conference - School Leadership Within the Teaching Profession.  The word "principal" has its roots in the idea of a teacher who serves in the role of "principal teacher".  We are looking for presentations that support and expand on the idea that school leaders are "teachers first" and who are "lead learners" as opposed to being "administrators" or "managers".   Please identify the learning or leadership narrative that your presentation will speak to, the thinking and intentionality that is involved in responding to that goal or challenge, and how other leaders might take what you are sharing and put it to use in their own schools or systems.
uLead is an annual event hosted by the Council for School Leadership of the Alberta Teachers' Association.

Session categories include:

Solo Presentations
A prepared presentation, including audience Q&A. Solo speakers are able to dive deep into their presentation topic and share valuable insights with their audience.

Core Conversations
Session leaders will facilitate an informal and open conversation with attendees around a particular topic.

Panel Discussions
A diverse discussion around a particular topic, including audience Q&A. Selected panel members represent well-rounded perspectives and backgrounds to provide a dynamic representation of the discussion topic at hand.

Problem Solvers
An interactive exercise designed to address a prevalent challenge that is briefly summarized at the beginning of the session. Leaders will facilitate an audience engagement for a number of small groups to work on possible solutions and share their findings.
Innovative Schools Poster Session
The Innovative Schools showcase will consist of a series of pop-up posters stationed in the networking space, with each "station" displaying an infographic on a pop-up banner or poster. The infographic will explain the practice or innovation and its impact, and will be accompanied by the presenter's explanation to small groups of delegates.

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