Thank you for participating in the UK Music Workforce Diversity Survey 2020.

Help us shape and influence a more diverse music industry.

Regardless of your background, we need as many as possible members of the UK music industry workforce to complete this survey.

The survey results will form a large part of our Diversity Report, due to be published later this year, which will help to showcase the steps the industry has taken to improve diversity, as well as where work still needs to be done.

It will take around 5 minutes to complete. Please note, there are 45 questions but you might not need to answer all of them, depending on your responses. Additionally, please use the PREV / NEXT buttons to navigate the survey, rather than your browser's 'back' button.

All responses are anonymous, confidential and managed in accordance with GDPR legislation.  Responses will only be used in aggregated form (not individually).
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