Dear friend ,

The 2022 Survey of Jewish followers of Jesus is designed to discover more about the 10,000 or so UK based disciples of Jesus who have Jewish heritage. We can be found in churches, synagogues and Messianic groups around the UK, and come with a variety of different Jewish and Christian experiences and backgrounds. We are multi-generational, and express many different identities. Some of us observe Jewish customs, others are unfamiliar with them, but we have two things in common – we are followers of Jesus , and we are in some way Jewish.

Please would you help us by completing the survey below. Your answers will help all of us strengthen our connections as a community. All responses will be anonymous but if you wish to give us your name and contact details to receive the survey report please add them.

Please take as much time as you like, and we are particularly interested in your comments, personal stories and reflections. There is plenty of space to add these, and there are no right or wrong answers! We want to hear from as wide a spectrum of views and opinions possible, and if the questions do not relate to you, please tell us why and what we can do to improve them. 
With best regards 

Survey committee
British Messianic Alliance