* 1. In your most recent customer experience, how did you contact UI?

* 2. Are you?

* 3. How long was your wait before interacting with a customer service agent?

* 4. Did our representative . . . ?

  Yes No Somewhat
Quickly identify your problem
Appear knowledgeable and competent
Help you understand the cause and solution to the problem
Handle issues with courtesy and professionalism

* 5. About how long did it take to get your problem resolved?

* 6. Why did you contact UI?

* 7. How knowledgeable did our customer service agent seem to you?

* 8. How clear was the information that our customer service agent provided to you?

* 9. How helpful was our customer service agent?

* 10. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you received?

* 11. Do you have any suggestions for improvement (please be specific)?

* 12. Contact Information (Optional)